Stock Tips 

If you have an idea of investing in the share market and trading online in stocks then you need to definitely pay attention to the stock market tips that experts in the field give. There are quite a number of online trading companies that offer these tips but it becomes essential that you take a look into the success track record of the company involved. ssp investment provides stock tips and intraday share tips for trading which have been found to give good returns to its traders as well as investors. We offer precise and accurate share tips which are arrived after a lot of research and probing into the profile of the company in question, its history, the earnings per share and many other parameters. When you stick to these share tips that are given by experienced analysts you can definitely register gains into your trading account.

How it helps?

Investor can get huge profit if the stocks are bought with great care and research, investor purchases the stocks when the prices are low and sell when prices are high. Therefore investor can get huge profit by holding the stocks.
These tips help clients to invest money in the best scrip and earn good profit.

You can also book the selling limit of the particular scrip by using these tips.

By using these intraday tips you can buy the stocks at a lower price and sell stocks at a higher price to that of the market.

You can also book profit on their portfolio by using these tips.

You have total control on the stop loss of your stocks by using these tips

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Weekly Momentum Calls 1-2 Per Week.
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Sample Calls

CS Cash Buy SBI above 2220 TG1-2230 TG2- 2240 TG3-2255 SL-2205
CS Cash Buy Reliance Infra above 563 TG1-567 TG2-573 TG3-579 SL 558

CS Cash Sell United Spirit below 676 TG1-672 TG2-667 TG3-661 SL-682

Follow Ups

Book Partial Profit in Reliance communication at 87 and move UR SL to 83


TG = Targets
SL = Stop Loss
Above = Above Given level
Below = Below Given level
CS Cash = Equity
CS Future = Derivatives